The Company

Since 1966, two ladies belonging to Pernambuco`s society, perceived an idleness among low income housewives, skillful dressmakers, lace makers, whose craft was passed on by mother to child; people who couldn’t keep a permanent job outside the home.

It was in thought of doing some sort of social assistance along with financial help that these two ladies came up with the idea of creating the first genuinely Brazilian rug.

A small whitewashed house became the meeting place for these artisans. This was the inspiration for the name CASA CAIADA. These people created a minute workmanship which with time turned into bold and sophisticated hand made designed rugs. The first patterns were based on XV11 and XV111 century colonial Portuguese tiles which covered churches, museums and homes at that period.

Since then a lot of work was dedicated in developing quality patterns and today CASA CAIADA has various lines:

Although the whole line with the old patterns is very much appreciated, CASA CAIADA is always developing new collections every two years.

Today CASA CAIADA counts on hundreds of artisans from Pernambuco state and exports its rugs throughout the world.

Tapetes Casa Caiada - Tel.: 55 (11) 3062-3488 Cel.: 55 (11) 9171-4261